One of the biggest fears people have to selling a home is setting the right price. As the market shifts in an wavering economic climate, it becomes uncertain of the what the right price a home should be priced. One of the major factors is pricing your home strategically where buyers are attracted to it. Setting the right price can target to the families, to the empty nesters, or even to the investors. 

You want to set a listing price that maximizes interest among qualified and motivated buyers that are willing to pay top dollar for your property. But pricing your property is similar to a balancing act. You don’t want to set a price that will open room for negotiations, as this will typically result in netting less than what your property may be worth on the market.




In a perfect world, your homes value would be anything you think or need it to be. However, simply put, your homes value is determined by what prospective buyers are willing to pay for it in the current real estate market conditions.
 Understanding how Buyers think - On average, buyers will view anywhere between 10-15 properties before they make an offer. By shopping around, they determine how competitively a property is priced on both the market, and within their own budget.